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Kahan Gyaa, Usse Dhundho!!!

This Episode helps you explores the Planet 9. There are only the core logical explanations behind every assumption and research. This episode is a part of 3 part series, where it starts with the historical human approach toward Planet Exploration and ends with a Possible planetary body beyond Pluto, revolving around in the outer Solar system. ENJOY!

For school students 9th-12th

As a teenager,  different areas of the brain link together in a process called " Integration". As a result, adolescents are afforded more and more space in the mind to pause and consider other options of response than an initial impulse. Another outcome of this integrative growth is sharpened gist thinking, whereby adolescents can rely more and more on intuition to see the larger picture of the situation and therefore make wiser Decisions.

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Footage From :

Our First International Session on Quantum Physics, with High school students of  Austin Trinity, Chicago.U.S.A

Really loved the content, especially the physics- Planet 9 series. Trully Inspiring!!
Mallikkah Khurana, Gurgaon

Sources of student's self study success

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Mind Frey's Impact on student-teacher Engagement

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If you're a school/college teacher or Authority, please give your students the highly incredible Classroom engagement that they deserve. Why only the top 20% enjoy the class? Let's see a classroom where Maximum number of students engage highly in the classroom 

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