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With Members from more than 10 countries and an average experience of 30+ years in education, we seek to support educators globally in delivering world-class pedagogy to drive positive student academic growth.


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Swayam Reports Downloaded

Just like Your Health Report, a SWAYAM Report gives complete diagnostics to your academic health with a complete SWAT analysis of your subjects, topics, and Sub-topics. 

Get your Academic health diagnosed now!


Female Student

You've been in school for so many years now, and honestly, you're not really enjoying it. You just go to school because that's what everyone does, and it's the way society works. Every now and then, you get this sudden burst of motivation, and for a couple of days, you study really well. But then, you lose that motivation and end up back on that unhappy and unproductive path. Check out our solution!

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Footage From :

Our First International Session on Quantum Physics, with High school students of  Austin Trinity, Chicago.U.S.A

Exemplary Success Story

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Class 12


Anxiety towards Maths

MFREY's Observation

Mfrey's  Deeply personalized Curated Quizzez Analysed the challenges in topics and sub-topics of Calculus.

MFREY's Solution

Raaina was Engaged with us for a couple of years. Through dedicated Personalised Goal creation and weekly progress tracking, It was easy for us to pinpoint Raaina's Weaknesses and strengths in sub-topic by sub-topic. She opted for Saarthi's Personal Mentorship Program!


Got into SRCC
Secured more than 90% in CBSE boards!
Started Loving Maths with steady growth for Couple of months
Really loved the content, especially the physics- Planet 9 series. Trully Inspiring!!
Mallikkah Khurana, Gurgaon
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