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Join International educators from countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, Canada, and Belgium.

For Teachers, obviously, it makes sense to collab with the best of researchers, but it's even more profitable for students to connect with students from Institutes like IIT -D-B-R, IISC Bangalore, MIT-U.S.A, UBC- Vancouver, University of Warwick -U.K, etc.


What You Can Expect?

  • A dedicated account manager just waiting to chat with you about the program or programs you're interested in. They'll hook you up with a sweet quote!

  • And guess what? If you decide to roll with us and make a purchase, you'll get your very own implementation guru. They'll be your go-to person for getting your school all set up and running smoothly.

  • No worries if you're not a tech genius yet; we've got your back with training on how to use the program. We'll even tailor it to fit your school's unique needs.

  • Need help later on? No problemo! We offer ongoing program training sessions and support whenever you want it.

  • Oh, and just so you know, there's absolutely no pressure to buy. We're here to help, no strings attached! 😊

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924 Waterview Way, Champaign, (Illinois)IL-61822


Su-Casa. AVS Compound, Kormala, Bangalore

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