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The edutainment OTT

The OTT platform stands out as a welcoming refuge for teenagers, providing a secure and enriching environment for content consumption.


The Safest Social media

A white Labeled Social Media for school community can extremely enhance the sense of belongingness where all the influencers are Teachers/Parents/Govt Officers/Respected Educators. 


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Interest Development

MFrey's OTT platform offers a multitude of benefits that cater specifically to the needs of teenagers. Firstly, it excels in nurturing the interest development of students in various subjects. By providing a wide range of edutainment content, MFrey inspires curiosity and passion in subjects such as science, history, and mathematics. Through engaging and informative videos, it encourages teenagers to explore and learn about diverse topics, helping them excel academically and develop a lifelong love for learning.

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Strong Credible Content Creators

One of the standout advantages of MFrey's OTT platform is its ability to replace non-credible and explicit content platforms like Netflix and YouTube. Parents and guardians can rest easy knowing that their teenagers are consuming content in a safe and controlled environment.

By offering a curated selection of videos, MFrey ensures that teenagers are shielded from inappropriate or harmful content, fostering a responsible and age-appropriate media consumption experience.


and Non-Academic

Lastly, MFrey's platform focuses on delivering content that is not only academically enriching but also beneficial for teenagers in their non-academic lives. Whether it's providing insights on important life skills, mental health, career planning, or personal development, MFrey addresses the holistic needs of teenagers.

This holistic approach ensures that teenagers can use the platform not just for academic growth but also for personal growth, equipping them with valuable knowledge and skills for a successful future.
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