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Hey Buddy, You scored less than 60% on your test! This means you lack the foundations of the topics! and THATS FINE! 
Seriously thats okay! You probably failed to understand your classroom topics because of the following reasons given Below!

Failing a Student

Lack of foundations:

A weak understanding of fundamental concepts can hinder a student's ability to grasp more advanced topics, setting them up for failure in more complex subjects.


Increased Complexity in topics:

As students progress through their academic journey, subject matter becomes more intricate, and without a strong foundation, they may struggle to keep up with the heightened complexity, leading to failure.


Social Distraction:

Extensive social interactions and digital distractions can divert students' attention away from their studies, making it challenging to focus on their coursework.


Poor Study Habits:

Ineffective study practices, like procrastination or lack of organization, can hinder a student's ability to absorb and retain information, contributing to academic setbacks.

Now what to do! 

1st thing 1st: See where exactly you're lacking. It's easier said than done! It's extremely difficult for you to analyze even the report cards that you get usually from institutes! The quiz that you just gave had a state of the art machine nehind it, which creates a report that will help you pin point exact topic and sub topic you neec to work upon! We call it AHR (Academic Health Report)

Get your
Academic Health Report (A.H.R)

Insightful Reports

Mfrey's Quizzez reports are like CT and MRI scans but for your academic health. Our SWAYAM report gives you or Your Teacher(s) a detailed pin point Analysis of your topic and sub-topic foundations' Weakness.

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