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Conference presentation


A good teacher can teach students but  presenter can actually make students care about the teaching which is why a great presenter can teach the same material in a more lucrative pattern.



We all see marketing as something negative and yet we all market ourselves everywhere. Marketing is a just a way to convey your message to your loved audience. This is why  best communicators are also the one of the best Marketers


Community Building

Being a teacher in a school or running a private coaching business, community is the key. If students feel as a group and feels as connected as an association, they express their love which helps in building higher batch strength in the competitive education market where in just a 5 km radius there are more than 10 educational Institutes.

What makes a good teacher
a great Educator

How Perception of the school can create the brand!

Designed to Deliver Results

Personalised curated Episodes that help enhance the online presence with the highest Return on investment in the market.

M. Frey's Proven Institution Business Methodology


Technology is developed so as to structure your Institute as a business and not just a Classroom.

Zero Fees  Charge

We'll charge Zero, till we produce targeted results.Simple as that! We will not let you take any risk and bear every expense in serving you.

Understanding Learning Outcomes based on CBSE/ICSE

We analyze your coaching business. Being educators ourselves we understand your timing and schedule issues. Thus, we create a Personality map and 

Producing Episode

We produce episodes and put your role in the Episode as an expert opinion and Deliver the Episode through our own platform. At one single place, students not only get to see their teacher in engaging episodes but can also have curated live sessions with Domain experts from IIT, IISC, UBC(Vancouver) etc.


Depending on the subject you teach and the type of target you have for your business, we create a script of episodes in the domains of Physics, Chemistry, Biology Maths, Economics.

Delivery and Marketing

This is the last step and also a crucial one. when we say marketing, it may feel negative since nowadays anyone can call themselves marketers. You can see inexperienced people claiming themselves marketers. We are not marketers. Straight! We can communicate. We convey the message in a meaningful way that helps prospective students help decide if they would want to study from you

Video Info.png


It's been proven that a picture merits 1,000 words. For a video, multiply that by another thousand. That is the premise of video advertising, a strong type of promoting that actually draws in your prospective student base as a piece of your showcasing efforts.
Nonetheless, 83 per cent of WYZOwl survey respondents say video gives them a good return on investment.

  • Create informative videos

  • Use OTT platforms

  • Post on Mindfrey 

  • Share on social media

Attain the very specific Student Audience 

The Episodes are published on one platform where prospective students from your city watch you. Unlike Youtube, where anyone watches your videos which doesn't give any direct benefit.

Zero Distractions

We would encourage Brand Integration from Local Players, and  there will be zero ads, thus maitaining a constant engagement with your prespective student base. Whereas, YouTube relies heavily on advertising to generate revenue apart from other distractions on any Y.T page.


Kota competition.jpg

Blocks Unnecessary Competition

Mfrey's  inhouse built OTT platfrom funstions in such a way that you compete  and collaborate in your own city. Unlike Youtube where Related videos that appear have the potential to detract the attention away from your brand, and lure students to click away from your video and brand message. This is due to the fact that YouTube controls which videos are associated with your content, and is completely out of your control.



Virender Kundu, Karnal

Really Loved the team. It was very smooth and easy to produce high quality content  with minimal time investment.

Traditional Saree

Leena Gupta, Kurukshetra

I loved the structure that my conetnt is watched  in my city where I want to expand my Business. Really loved the content strategy. My existing students  are loving this new way of engagement.

Man with Glasses

Parmender Khanna, Panipat

Amazing team. My engagement with students have increased tremendously. My students love the content so much and talk about my teaching with other perspective students. Loving the collaboration.

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