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How are we failing our Children?

The Journey of a student in class!

Failing a Student

Lack of foundations:

A weak understanding of fundamental concepts can hinder a student's ability to grasp more advanced topics, setting them up for failure in more complex subjects.


Increased Complexity in topics:

As students progress through their academic journey, subject matter becomes more intricate, and without a strong foundation, they may struggle to keep up with the heightened complexity, leading to failure.


Social Distraction:

Extensive social interactions and digital distractions can divert students' attention away from their studies, making it challenging to focus on their coursework.


Poor Study Habits:

Ineffective study practices, like procrastination or lack of organization, can hinder a student's ability to absorb and retain information, contributing to academic setbacks.


Extremely Precise Detection:

One of its Kind Machine Learning-based Quizzing Platform. It's like no other in the market available with Potentially Patent grant quizzing platform that helps us understand the weaknesses and strengths of a student, much better than the teacher or they themselves could ever.

Understanding the Current Environment:

We thrive to understand the student's daily habits, their self study hours, studying habits, and environmental factors through a detailed form. This helps the machine make the weekly/monthly goals.

Developing the Tracker:

Daily tasks are given to students in a gamified environment. Token Points are given on successfully completing those tasks! Their progress is tracked and new personalised strategies are given for each subject and chapter based on the foundations of the student.

Community Support

Students in our schools feel that they are not heard, which we believe is kind of very true. From designing their curriculum, classroom sessions, and lesson plans. At no stage students' feedback are taken or entertained. This is where Mfrey's community of SAARTHI's Help out! 

Check out the Sample Report!

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